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All my friends know about me that I just simply cannot sit home and do a big nothing as I always must have something to do like arranging trips, spending my days with hiking and taking photographs all 'round the clock.

All over the world around us there are so many beautiful places we - unfortunately so often - do not recognise. Yet, we shouldn't do much else than leave our TV set, the computer and the internet for a Sunday afternoon and head out for a nice walk in our surroundings. This page is dedicated to you, my Dear Reader, who feels like spending their relaxing time with actions but have no idea yet where to go to. In the past few years I have been lucky enough to attend to many spectacular sceneries I had had no knowledge of before. I'd simply like to share all my adventures with you all.

As I live in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, you will find descriptions and pictures mainly about my country which has so many beautiful places - oh yes, you have to take your time to read about and visit. Follow me and you won't regret to explore this country, where you can find plain regions (Alföld, Kisalföld), higher mountains (Mátra, Bükk, Börzsöny, Bakony, Mecsek) and lake areas (Balaton, Velencei-tó). All inclusive: various landscapes offering Hungarian hospitality, excellent food and quality wines from the numberless vine regions of the country.

As I'm keen on hiking but the highest peak in my country has a height of not more than 1014m (slightly higher than 3000ft, is called Kékes and is located in the Mátra region) I have no other choice but to hike in the neighbouring countries. Therefore, you will also find some adventure descriptions in Slovakia, Slovenia and Austria. These are trips with a length of more days while exploring whole mountains (like Tatry or Julian-Alps), sleeping at mountain huts and lacking all usual comfort but enjoying the peace and freedom of the peaks. These days are very close to Nature and to yourself - try it and think the whole story over again.

So, there is only one thing left to tell you: I'm glad to have the chance to welcome you to my web site, I do hope you will spend a nice time reading the articles and if you feel like visiting a place after taking a glimpse of my pictures - then it was worth creating this site. Have as many trips as you never imagined before - but in the meantime do take care.